Non-Surgical Hair Transplant

Our job is to show you how to have a full head of hair, even when you already showing signs of hair loss.

Hair Restoration – Leeds

Our Leeds clinic is very popular for hair transplants, we like to identify why your hair is falling out in the first place before advising what to do. We would do a skin and hair test to assess the hair follicle. Most people want an instant fix, there is no such thing. It can take up to 9 months for your full head of hair to be a permanent fixture on your head.

If you are going to get a non-surgical hair transplant you should be fully aware of all the facts. It doesn’t happen overnight, you do need to get your hair follicle assessed and wait for the results. Then you will have an understanding of what is happening with your hair and the new growth. All our hair transplant work is first class as we have world renowned surgeons working with us.

Options for non-surgical hair transplant

  • Get the hair follicle assessed
  • Meet with Trichologist again to discuss results
  • Decide on which treatment plans would be best suited
  • Look at surgical, non-surgical and laser hair treatments – discussing at length which is best for you

To get a hair transplant done doesn’t need to cost tens of thousands of pounds.  You can get costs and ask about flexible payment options.  Some clinics may let you pay it in installments, however ou would need to ask the question so not to assume.

Benefits of our Leeds Clinic

  • We have a fantastic reputation, being established 15 years
  • We can do biofibre, laser, non-surgical and many more treatments
  • You can get your treatment done in UK as opposed to overseas

Our job is to make you feel fabulous and look amazing.