Laser Hair Transplant

Laser Hair Transplant is one of the most popular treatments we offer, the heat and energy from the laser encourages hair growth.  The transplant is pain-free and people say it is quite enjoyable as opposed to uncomfortable.

Laser Hair Transplant Service

The goal is to generate new and healthy cells in the scalp which will make the hair quality stronger and encourage more hair to grow.  This type of procedure is considered a non-surgical procedure.

 This treatment is very popular because its so comfortable and most people can return to work the same day or even the next day.  You don’t have to take time off work and you don’t need to travel overseas for the treatment.  What we are doing is encouraging the skin tissue to grow new hair and cells.

Nobody wants to lose their hair, we can offer various hair loss treatment options that will give you a new head of hair within a period of time.  Speak to us about the treatments and we will go through the positives and negatives with you to find out what is the best treatment plan for you to start.


There is no one cost fits all, it is totally dependant on the area of hair loss and if you are bald.  If the Trichologist is grafting hair follicles into your scalp the cost may be different as opposed to the biofibre where the resuls are more natural.  Ask about flexbile payment plans, some may allow you to pay it up, whereas others require a large deposit and the rest of the payment immediately after the treatment and before you leave the clinic.   You should pick a clinic nearby geographically as you will be required to go in for check-ups after the treatment to ensure everything is running smoothly.