Female Hair Transplant

female hair transplantThe Biofibre Hair Transplant is the most natural hair transplant treatment available.  It is very discreet and the results are long-term.  This makes it easier for females to have thicker hair without having to opt for wigs, hair pieces or hair extensions.

We have clinics throughout the UK and our surgeons have an excellent reputation for the work they do on both men and women.

If you get a bio fibre hair transplant you can have thicker hair in a few hours, the implants are very small and not noticeable.  The procedure itself takes a few hours and before all this, you would need to meet with a Trichologist who would assess your scalp and hair for suitability.

If you have any scalp diseases you should get this treated first and then look at the course of treatment.  Some new hair may not take initially, it may fall out, but new hair will grow in its place.  This is what we want to happen as it means the hair follicle has taken.

Female Hair Transplant Consult

To meet with our Trichologist you would need to make an appointment and discuss your medical background with them.  You should be open and honest about any medication you are on, as this could have a reaction with the work the Trichologist will be doing.  Any hair transplant treatment is positive, we are looking for you to feel confident and happy with your hair.

When you are undergoing female hair transplant treatment it can take up to 9 months for everything to settle down, you would need to attend check-up appointments to make sure that the new hair is growing as expected.  Our clinic is here to help answer any questions you may have and to put your mind at ease.  The Female Hair Transplant is one of our most popular treatments in the clinic.