Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male Pattern Hair Loss Plans

Baldness is a really sensitive topic for males or females.  They feel very vulnerable about people seeing that they are losing their hair.  It makes them feel negative and they just want a fix.

Most men will go to the chemist and ask for some lotion or tablets they can take.  This may give you some peace of mind, however its not a long-term cure for male pattern hair loss.  It is only by assessing the hair follicle that the cause of the hair loss will be identified.

Normal Hair Growth

It can take up to 2 years for hair to grow back normally, this could be after an accident, illness etc.  You have to either give it time to recover itself, or opt for a male pattern hair loss transplant.  The Leeds hair transplant clinic will show you that this is a way of you feeling you are taking control over the lack of hair.  You could get a wig or hairpiece, but that is not a permanent solution.

Male Hair Pattern Loss can be contributed to overall health, diabetes, raised blood pressure etc.  You should speak to your G.P and also a Trichologist as they are the 2 people who can help restore your hair.

Make Contact

To make contact and discuss your male hair loss pattern, phone our Leeds clinic today to see a Trichologist and they will take a sample of your hair.  Send it away for testing and be able to give you the results.  You need to have all the information before you can decide what is best for you, it may be that you are suffering from male pattern hair loss or you want a biofibre hair transplant.  The Trichologist’s diary is normally quite full, so don’t delay call and make an appointment.  The consultation takes approx 45mts all in, the hair loss results may take a few weeks to come through but you will be able to seek advice about the other treatments we offer.

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